Episode 1: The Vovokan Death Machine

The planet Athapon, capital of a vast space empire, houses a populace dedicated to pastimes of leisure and imagination, both real and virtual. Supported by legions of robotic workers, android and gynoid companions, and powerful computers, the inhabitants do not know labor, sickness, or fear.

High Archon Thanatos is the last of an elite minority tasked with security in a time when all people are united and resources are plentiful. Constantly training and engaging in exercises of tactics and strategy in a society where the concept of war is archaic, Than is considered a vestigial oddity of ancient times.

Then the Emperor of Athapon sets upon a senseless campaign of conquest targeted at the distant and mysterious planet Vovok. This brings a retaliation more immediate and deadly than any anticipated, leaving Than as one of the few standing between Athapon and destruction.

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A 35,000 word superhero adventure by Michael McCloskey

Cover art by Lindsey Look.

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"Archon Than was an enjoyable read, and showcases the author's excellent ability at describing aliens and battles."

- M. Hofman, Amazon reviewer

"Good characters, good details in the scene, etc. Interesting society too.."

- Kio, Goodreads reviewer