Why Reviews are so Important

In this new age of electronic publishing, the barriers have been removed from publishing your own books. It no longer takes money up front to publish like it used to. And so the old publishing houses are in a lot of trouble. They used to take the risk of publishing someone they thought was good, by paying the up front cost of printing the books, in exchange for a big cut of the profit. So they screened out authors they didn't think would sell.

It is now only the reader's reviews that serve to screen the books. The publishing houses used to screen out "bad" books. Now, with electronic books, a potential buyer has the blurb, the sample, and some reviews to look at in order to make a buying decision. So please review my books, if you like them, tell the potential buyer, and if you didn't like one, warn the buyer away. This will help the new system work. I for one don't want to go back to the old system! I think having just a few publishing editors deciding what "flavor" of books should be out there stifled the diversity we had. All the books out there were formula books: books the publishers had success with before. B-O-R-I-N-G. Well, at least after you have read a few dozen books about the same kind of good guys that always win against impossible odds... but I've already complained about that in my writing philosophy page.