The loose alliance of worlds called the United Earth Defiance is losing a war against old Earth and the core worlds that support it. The Intor Cluster is a group of inhabited worlds on the frontier that have joined the UED to fight for their freedom. The totalitarian Nessel Syndicate, the long arm of a core world supercorporation, seeks to conquer the citizens of the Intor Cluster and bring them under its oppressive fist.

When Cluster scientists detect what they believe to be an alien signal, some suspect a trap set by the NS. Nevertheless, they scrape together a small task force to investigate the signal in the desperate hope that alien allies or technology can swing the balance of the war.

Jake Eisen is the commander of this task force. His mission is more than simply making first contact with an alien race. He is made very aware that making alliances with aliens or discovering advanced alien technology is probably the only thing that could shift the war in the UED’s favor.

Unknown by Jake Eisen, his enemies in the Nessel Syndicate have also heard the signal and sent a team of their own...

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A 62,000 word science fiction adventure set in the PIT universe by Michael McCloskey

Cover art by Raymond Swanland.

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