Space is vast. No matter how much firepower you have, you cant defeat your enemy unless you know exactly where and when to strike. Thats why Lieutenant Emil is so critical to his task force. Hes a type of electromagnetic warfare specialist serving on the flagship Excalibur in an interstellar war. However, Emil is slowly going insane— a path already taken by two other such specialists in the task force. Hes seeing scenes from all over the ship, noticing things that cant be real, and starting to doubt his own humanity. What’s worse, the war isn’t going well, and the crew of Excalibur are dependent upon Emil to do his job better than ever before.
When the alien enemies called the Vothriles ask for a secret meeting in deep space with Emils task force, everyone is suspicious. The Excalibur heads out to meet with the alien foes that no Terran yet understands. The Vothriles propose joining forces against an even greater common menace, a mysterious enemy code-named "Force Cantrithor".
No one knows if Force Cantrithor can be defeated, or if the Vothriles can be trusted. But it may not matter. How much longer can Emil hold it together, anyway?

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A 60,000 word science fiction novel by Michael McCloskey

Cover art by Howard Lyon

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"Excellent characters, believably realized. Cool extrapolations of current technology into fantastic future tech. Bizarre but believable aliens. And an enemy that's as alien and unstoppable as any I've ever read."

- dlt1, iBooks

"The book has everything that other McCloskey novels have: intricate aliens, advanced new technology, magnificent battles and unexpected twists."

- Maarten Hofman, Amazon US

"McCloskey's genius at describing complex action sequences also features during several on-ship battles against alien intruders. Brutal, bloody and described in such a way as to make you feel you're there."

- Jonathan Rudd, Amazon UK

"Great work, a thoroughly enjoyable read. I love the way small parts of the story touch on aspects drawn from McCloskey's previous work."

- HairyPete, Amazon US

"This is a really engaging book for me. It brings in some interesting twists, has credible aliens and characters with some depth to them."

- David, Amazon UK