The New Hegemony leaders, sycophants to the alien Morix, live comfortably in a space habitat above the planet Elion, supported by an antigravity device called the Hanger. No Terran is allowed to study or understand the Hanger. Those who reject total servility to the Morix are punished. A loose alliance of rogue scientists plot to steal the Hanger to learn its secrets and disrupt the status quo enjoyed by the New Hegemony. To aid in this cause, a criminal organization clones a dangerous mercenary named Jack Gwire, then sends him and his copies to an almost unknown frontier planet. There, the Jacks discover that the rogues have a secret weapon of their own...

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A science fiction adventure by Michael McCloskey

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Manuscript Name:
Four Jacks

Type: Novel
Science Fiction

Point of View:
Third Person Multiple View

Distant Future


Manuscript Length:
4361 words

Release Date: