To the beastly Nergal, every day is a struggle to survive. Half-spawn of a ferocious race feared by men, he fights in the gladiator pits, his life forfeit. Then one day he accidentally impresses the right people and finds himself employed as the bodyguard of Donatin, a merchant with a mission.

Nergal does not know what the merchant seeks, or what the pair of mysterious and strangely attractive twins in the caravan have to do with it. He finds his only true friend and guide in River, the captain of the caravan guard. What awaits them? Adventure and death.

A dark fantasy adventure set in Mitris by Michael McCloskey

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Manuscript Name: 
Gladiator of Nidor

Type: Novel

Genre:  Fantasy

Point of View: Third Person Single View

Setting: Unique Fantasy World

Status: First Draft In Progress

Manuscript Length:
< 1000 words