(Synchronicity Trilogy, Book 2)

The People's Republic of China dominates half the globe, balanced only by the combined power of the decaying Western world. As main players in a new age of expansion, the Chinese reach outward to establish many stations throughout the solar system.

Sun Xinmei is a bold and devious young graduate of Tsinghua University in Beijing who becomes intimately embroiled in the system wide slave trade as an agent of the Ministry of State Security.

Li Feng is a brave young man destined to serve as an officer in the Divine Space Force of the PRC. As such he's trained to lead robotic weapons as much as the men who follow them into battle.

Promised to each other, Xinmei and Feng hope to lead successful careers and someday cross paths again to share prosperous lives.

Though space itself proves to be a harsh frontier, they discover that the greatest obstacles to their plans are the inhabitants of the space stations that dot the solar system.

Industrious is the second book of the Synchronicity Trilogy. Its events are concurrent with events in Insidious.

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A 49,000 word military science fiction adventure by Michael McCloskey

Cover art by Brom

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"Not simply a retelling, the plot was engaging with enough creative new elements to let the book stand on its own, though it would be more fun to read the books in order."
—M. Goll, 
Amazon reviewer