INFLUXIOUS (Synchronicity Trilogy, Addendum)

Several giant corporations have moved into space to avoid oppressive governments owned by the competition. The Western world is in loose alliance, led by the United States, Brazil, and the European Union. Opposing them for world domination is the Chinese bloc, with a sphere of influence that spans the Eastern world, including what was once Japan.  The governments and companies of these two giant power blocs reach out to seize the new frontier and control the new world order.

Nine mysterious Spinners arrive and throw the plans of the Terran blocs off kilter. Western and Eastern fighters alike fall prey to the Spinners, themselves conflicted, but behind the scenes, beyond the grasp of the ant-like soldiers who struggle, two minds orchestrate it all: Meridian and the Prime Intelligence.

Influxious is an addendum to the Synchronicity TrilogyIts events are concurrent with events in the trilogy.

Sample: Read Prologue

Military science fiction adventure by Michael McCloskey

Cover art by Brom

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