Twenty years ago, the mighty champion Noka Halsan and his veteran storm riders went into battle against a leviathan-backed army and defeated it. Halsan came back with valuable remains of the leviathan Vothridan which were crafted by clever artisans into five artifacts of great power. Halsan has distributed four of the five artifacts to his four sons to aid them in their rule over his lands and those they have conquered on their own.

Noka Halsan's only daughter Avawo Luen, denied any such artifact from the fallen leviathan, is left to seek power by other means—the dark arts taught to her by her mother.

Now, someone or something hunts the offspring of Noka Halsan. Some suspect those loyal servants of Vothridan that survived, others think Avawo is the culprit, driven by her jealousy over the artifacts given to her siblings. Avawo Luen grows into her own power as she strives to discover who is destroying the legacy of Noka Halsan.

A dark fantasy adventure set in Mitris by Michael McCloskey

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Manuscript Name:
Legacy of Halsan

Type: Novel
Dark Fantasy

Point of View:
Third Person Single View



Manuscript Length:
2766 words