Mitris is a dark, gritty world that is the setting for several of my fantasy novels. The stories are very loosely tied together, in that they all have one or more of these characters in them:

Nergal, the half-sragn pit fighter.
Ralcander, a Vikarian noble turned brigand.
Avawo, a member of Karpol royalty with dark secrets.
Kreen, the mysterious and deadly battle-sorceress.

The books in the collection so far are:

Origin books:
The Dreamslayer (The origin of Kreen)
The Legacy of Halsan (The origin of Avawo)
Gladiator of Nidor (The origin of Nergal)
A Ritual Undone (The origin of Ralcander)

Tales of the Four:
An Unlikely Four  (Nergal, Ralcander, Avawo, Kreen)
Hell on a Leash (Nergal, Ralcander, Avawo, Kreen)


Cover art for the collection by  Howard LyonRaymond Swanland, and Brom.
A collection of dark fantasy adventures by Michael McCloskey

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