When the ex-slave named Nergal joins a party of heroes, he isn't looking for adventure, he's just looking for an easy meal! But soon enough the impressionable young half-sragn begins to feel a kinship with these men and women who are on an important mission to an abandoned castle. Dark forces are marshalling against them, and Nergal is seen as an asset in the quest to stop the evil that threatens their kingdom.

Unfortunately for Nergal, he's done things that wouldn't go over well with his heroic friends. As he grows into a mighty force for good himself, Nergal must hide his past. He becomes drawn into a hunt for a monk-wizard that creates deadly monsters to enforce an ancient sect's draconian rule over other peoples.

The hunt will take Nergal to lands unknown and he will face challenges greater than he anticipated, but when the smoke clears there will be no doubts as to Nergal's true nature.

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A 115,000 word fantasy adventure set in Mitris by Michael McCloskey

Cover art by Brom

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"Nergal the half-orc is an inspired choice for an anti-hero--or a bumbling (if ratherbloodthirsty) hero."

- Del Rey Workshop editorial staff
"Wow...this was great. I love the unlikely protagonist... it made the whole thing more unique and interesting. I found Nergal's perceptions of things humorous to say the least."
- Ryan Morini, workshop reviewer
"If you ever publish this I think it should come with a stuffed Nergal action figure!"
- Charles K. James, workshop reviewer
"I just wanted to say that I have been following Nergal along since chapter one and I must say Kudos to you Mike. I have loved your anti-hero from the beginning, and had many belly laughs from his exploits."
- Dave E. Wile, workshop reviewer