What do a stealthy synthetic plant, an eavesdropping sound curtain, and an invisible observer have in common? They are artificial agents working tirelessly in the crime-ridden city of Red Calais for their ingenious Master. They wend their way through the cutthroats, cat burglars and con men of the greatest city of the core world called Idona, challenged by numerous obstacles. Yet it seems that their Master hardly notices the chaos his automated minions are creating...

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A 78,000 word science fiction adventure set in the PIT universe by Michael McCloskey.

Cover art by Raymond Swanland.

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"Best book I've read by this author so far. Hard to put down. Well paced. Multiplexes viewpoints, but to advantage, not distraction. Well crafted!"


"...this is a truly unique look into the life and decision making of a extraordinary individual. The root question is, what makes the man."

-Will E
"His characters feel alive and fully realized, and the AI assistants that he has carefully crafted offer a stunning insight into the benefits and pitfalls of where our technology may one day be. "
- Stephen