"My name is Keran. That is my only name, for even though I write this in Emerish, I am not an Emer and I do not have three names as Emers do. I was born among the countless tiny islands in the vast sea called The Sethyr by the Emers after their goddess of rain. My first memories are of the sea and the sand. I grew there free and happy for many years until my life became cursed."

Ex-soldier-turned-wanderer Keran travels into the wasteland, fleeing an unknown horror that has killed his friends. He finds safety in an isolated tower by an oasis, but the tower slowly becomes his prison, for the creature awaits him beyond its walls. During his enforced isolation, Keran slowly unravels the mysteries of his sanctuary and the monster that hunts him. Eventually all hope of resuming his previous life is lost and he becomes obsessed with seeing the creature destroyed.

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A 51,000 word fantasy novel by Michael McCloskey

Cover art by Lindsey Look.

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"A much needed breath of fresh air in the Fantasy genre."

- Kio, Goodreads reviewer

"Very entertaining. Fast-paced. Well constructed story arc."

- Radman, Amazon reviewer