For years, adventurers have traveled great distances only to meet their doom at the Far Coast. This distant and isolated place is the legendary home of the mysterious creature named Yeel. Countless souls have fallen before the dangers of the journey and the devious guardians who seek to keep Yeel imprisoned at this point farthest west in all the lands.

When the scout Jymoor finally succeeds where so many others have failed, she is allowed to believe that Yeel is a human wizard, powerful in the arts of magic. What she doesn't know is that Yeel is actually a hideous tentacled monster, a garrulous tinkerer and alchemist with a vast collection of wondrous artifacts. Jymoor has enlisted the aid of this odd being to save her nation from a horde of invaders... but what can a single alien do in the face of such odds?

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A 62,000 word fantasy adventure by Michael McCloskey

Cover art by Howard Lyon

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"A wonderful eccentric piece of business."

-A. Thorne

"This book has been forged from pure awesomium."


"... a very enjoyable and light read in front of the fireplace, punctuated by frequent chuckles."

-M. Goll

"Yeel is an excellent entertaining character, and the world and supporting characters were very well realized. Most importantly, the story gave just enough detail to build solid descriptions while keeping the pace and action going."

-J. Teed

"Breezy, enjoyable read. The character Yeel is a unique and engagingly rendered commentator on the human condition. The other characters are standard fantasy archetypes, sword master, eternal champion, regent, etc. The prose is clean, and reminds me somewhat of one of my favorite authors, Roger Zelazny."

-Future Nick