The nation of Sarnai is tucked away in three fertile valleys, surrounded by mountains. Only a single fortified pass called Gateway connects them to the vast unknown of the outside world. Here, the Sarnese have lived ordered lives for centuries. Their achievements have grown one atop the other, increasing the power and wealth of their lands, their dwellings, and their army. Yet a shadow has fallen over the nation. A plague of infertility has risen among the population, and it becomes clear the Sarnese are in need of new blood. For the first time, they look to the world beyond Gateway.

The Sarnese leader Pharkol has always thirsted for glory. His machinations are aimed toward creating his own grand destiny as a warlord emperor of Sarnai. His greatest ally is his wife Simarra, a seer who uses her influence to secure his rule. She has told her husband he is fated to rule the outside world... and take three new wives. Together, these two will forge the xenophobic Sarnese into a nation of conquerors.

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A 68,000 word historical fantasy adventure by Michael McCloskey

Cover art by Ryan Bliss of Digital Blasphemy

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"...the broad imagination of the author shines through... it certainly makes you crave for a sequel."

-M. Hofman (from Amazon)

"Anyone interested in military fiction should check this book out."

-Joe (from Goodreads)

"A straightforward, imaginative tale of conquest and warfare."

-Kirkus Reviews

"If you're accustomed to McCloskey's brilliance for describing action then you'll find plenty to enjoy here."

-Jon (from Amazon UK)