The Trilisk AI is the second book in the PIT series.

Telisa Relachik studied to be a xenoarchaeologist in a future where humans have found alien artifacts but haven't ever encountered live aliens. Recruited by a group of artifact smugglers, Telisa endures deadly opposition on her first expedition and comes out an experienced explorer. Struggling to sell the artifacts found on their expedition to the Trilisk ruins, Telisa and Magnus fear reprisal by the world government.

Because of their harrowed existence, they are receptive when the alien they call Shiny resurfaces and offers them the chance to scavenge his war-torn homeworld. Their obstacle: Shiny's robotic nemeses, the Bel Klaven. Telisa and Magnus feel up to the challenge, but does Shiny have a hidden agenda?

Meanwhile, a new team forms to hunt down the smugglers... 

Sample: Read the Prologue

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A 65,000 word science fiction adventure by Michael McCloskey

Cover art by Howard Lyon

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"Again fantastic, I really like this universe. I'll definitely be hanging out there again."
Goodreads reviewer

"I quite like the dynamics of the relationship between Shiny and the humans: complex and fraught with uncertainty."
Goodreads reviewer

"Trilisk AI follows up and answers many of the questions and introduces more! Excellent."
—Carl A. Carter, 
Amazon reviewer

"This installment of the tales of Parker Interstellar Travels did not disappoint. The action was non-stop and the dual storyline was developed very well."
—B. Ashworth "Bear", 
Amazon reviewer