The Trilisk Supersedure is the third book in the PIT series.

Having secured an amazing new base of operations that provides for their every material need, Telisa, her fellow smuggler Magnus, the alien Shiny, and the new recruit Cilreth head out on their third expedition in style with robots and advanced Vovokan technology at their fingertips.

Their target is the fourth planet in the Chigran Callnir system, a place known to be the site of a Trilisk colony. The team soon finds out the ruins are not as dead as they thought, and they aren’t the only ones interested in the legacy of the Trilisks.

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A 56,000 word science fiction adventure by Michael McCloskey

Cover art by Howard Lyon

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"Another good read from McCloskey; he really does aliens very well. I particularly liked reading the aliens' internal thoughts, they're just very different from us with strange motivations and cultural drives."
—Owen Roberts, 
Amazon reviewer

"Michael McCloskey has me totally invested in this series. Everything explained in a way that could become predictable but never does. The story twists and turns in a well explained and logical way yet surprises abound."
—Glenn Thomas, 
Amazon reviewer

"McCloskey's come a long way with his characters since the first book; they come across as much more convincing than the first."
Goodreads reviewer