Tyr lives in hell. Above his head shines the painful light of the waning Face of Chaos as he marches with the other Taryan crusaders into the lands of the Vothreels. Tyr must learn to survive the many deadly traps, poisons, and Vothreel patrols that oppose their advance. Time is a merciless enemy to Tyr and his allies, who must carry the war to the monstrous Vothreel while the Face of Serenity grows stronger, so they can destroy the homes of their enemies before the season turns and the Face of Chaos dominates the land.

The cycle of violence seems as unbreakable as the patterns of the two suns overhead year by year as the two races spiral downward in a never ending fight for survival. Then an act of self sacrifice brings Tyr to a harsh truth his people have forgotten: there is a path out of hell.

A science fiction adventure by Michael McCloskey

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Manuscript Name:
World of Two Faces


Science Fiction

Point of View:
Third Person Single View

PIT Universe

On Hold